Brevard County is poised for unprecedented growth and prosperity.

We identify, mature and manage startups that are able to meaningfully impact our local economy; then introduce them to investors who are focused on building a legacy in the area.


Company Structure

Market Size
Steady Growth


A market larger than the local region, capable of generating $3M-$5M in annual revenue within 3 years

Company Location
Local Growth


Must be headquartered & the executives must live in Brevard County.

Local Impact
Job Growth


A majority employees must be local residents, or substantial local impact delivered in other ways

Our Mission:

Our economy is changing. We intend to lead the way in growing Brevard County into a thriving Export Economy

The Legacy Angel Network is a non-profit funded by local successful entrepreneurs. We are focused on having a lasting positive impact on our community through wise and diverse investment in high potential startups and growth companies.

about us

Maximizing Success


We Identify, Mature and Connect Entrepreneurs with local Angel investors.

Growing our community one business at a time.

The next 100 years will be exciting and prosperous for the Space Coast and Brevard County. But for us to fully experience that prosperity, we must change. One change we need is to grow Brevard into a robust export economy across a wide spectrum of technologies and markets. By Export, we mean that the main customer for our products and services is outside of the area, whether nationally or internationally. That will be our legacy.


We are focused on the foundational elements of growing a successful business.

A good plan beats hype every time.

We focus on the foundational elements of a good business plan such as branding, intellectual property, market development, distribution and a sound management team. Our team of Angels and partners are here to maximize the probability of success. We are hands-on with every company we invest in.



We are focused on having a $750 Million annual impact on the local economy

Matt Helmintoller.

As a group of successful business owners and entrepreneurs from a variety of industries and backgrounds, we have a very diverse set of experiences and mentoring to offer startup companies. In addition to growing these companies, we are equally committed to ensuring each company is an active, participating citizen and employer within the community. We believe this is what makes us unique from other investment groups. We want all companies to both work collectively to grow the exports from our community by sharing knowledge and commitment. One unique element of our Angel group is that all companies are required to meet regularly as a group to mentor and seek mentoring. The overall goal is to maximize the likelihood of your company and our investment.